Iphone Applications For Mobile SEO

App development has taken off in recent years due to the popularity of mobile devices and improvement of digital media. These days it seems that everyone is using their phone on the train and bus while others are making use of ¬†tablets. The improvement of digital media makes it more enticing for users to get plugged in but many of us don’t realise how the content is delivered to mobile devices. Your content is found when people search and mobile SEO is paramount to achieve page one search engine rankings.

Improvements in App development have come a long way in recent years as developers push the envelope in terms of app technology and the software behind them. It is becoming ever more important for companies to develop   a custom branded app to allow their customers to engage with their products and services. These days just about every bank, retail outlet and fashion brand has an app showcasing their products and allowing users to engage with their brand. Companies invest millions of dollars in mobile media and app development because it is another form of generating revenue.

Which leads us into mobile devices and mobile SEO. To allow users to find an app or mobile friendly website, mobile SEO is the key. Mobile SEO is an ever evolving market which allows people to find your site on a mobile device. This method requires technical experience and ability as well as a thorough understanding of how mobile SEO works. There are moments when a website needs to be designed specifically for mobile devices and designers are able to optimise a site to fit within the view port dimensions of a mobile device whether it is in landscape or portrait, the content adjusts itself accordingly. This is called ‘responsive’ design.

At 3rdwhale, we build robust Iphone apps for mobile SEO. We gather our experience and develop custom applications to suit a clients specifications and objectives. While we are also able to develop apps for the Android market, we specialise in iOS devices such as the Iphone and Ipad. Our team is also experience in mobile design and is able to advise on how to deliver the best user experience on a mobile device. Combined with your mobile SEO strategy, you’re onto a winner.